California Poised to Pass Bill Requiring License and Background Checks for Ammo Purchases

August 14 2013
by GSL Staff
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stock-brassAs if ammo isn’t hard enough to get in recent days, California is seeking to make it even harder to acquire.

Senate Bill 53, first introduced in December has passed the California State Senate.

The bill will require anyone wanting to purchase gun ammunition to obtain a license from the state, which is good for only 1 year and required a background check as well as a mental health check to acquire.

The bill would also require all ammunition dealers to acquire a license from the state as well as track and report all ammo sales at their location.

The bill would completely eliminate online and mail order sales of ammunition.

A similar bill regulating handgun ammunition was signed into law in 2009, but has been held up in the courts by the NRA for the last four years.

While the timeline of implementation isn’t 100% clear yet, you have to wonder, will anyone be allowed to buy ammo from the time this bill is passed until the first licenses are issued? Or will California be a “dry” state for ammo for weeks or months while the first batch of licenses is processed?

We’re also still reviewing the full text of the bill to see how this would affect reloaders.

Sources: CBS LA

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