Bristol, TN City Council Votes to Allow Concealed Carry in Parks

December 4 2013
by GSL Staff
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stock_holsterGun owners in Bristol, TN will be able to carry their sidearms in a few more places thanks to a recent city council vote.

The city council voted 4-1 to repeal a ban that prevent concealed carry permit holders from carrying their guns in city parks.

The state of Tennessee has a law in place that allows carry in parks, but allows local municipalities to opt out and ban carry at the local level.

According to, opinions on the matter were divided among residents.

“Are our city parks so unsafe that we should feel it necessary to arm ourselves for protection and safety? That concerns me as someone who uses our city parks on a weekly basis,” Scanlan said.

Resident Melinda Reagan said she frequents Steele Creek Park for hikes and jogging and she would feel safer with a responsible, permitted, gun-carrying citizen on those properties, especially on isolated trails, switchbacks and other parks that she said were located in “scary parts of the city.”

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