BREAKING: Washington State House and Senate Vote to Allow Possession of Short Barreled Rifles

March 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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stock_ar15_SBRDon’t go getting your hacksaws out just yet Washington residents.

Senate Bill 5956 will legalize the possession of short barreled rifles within Washington State, however all NFA regulations still apply to purchasing, assembling and possessing an SBR. That means you’ll still be filling out ATF forms before that shiny new 14.5″ Ar-15 can be yours.

Currently, SBR’s are illegal in Washington state, despite the fact that they are legal at the federal level with the proper tax stamp.

The House passed the bill today with a vote of 95-3. The bill passed the State Senate last month, unanimously, with a vote of 47-0.

If you want to view the full bill, you can do so here.

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