BREAKING: Reid, Biden and Manchin Will Meet to Prepare to Bring Back Senate Gun Control Legislation

June 4 2013
by GSL Staff
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382px-Harry_Reid_official_portrait According to POLITICO, Harry Reid told reporters today that he has recently had conversations with Vice President Joe “Double Barrels to the Sky” Biden over the phone and plans to meet with him in person in the near future to discuss gun control in the Senate.

Reid has also made plans to meet with WV Senator Joe Manchin (D) in regards to the future of gun control as well. Manchin, along with Republican (RINO?) Pat Toomey were the architects of the universal background check legislation which failed in the Senate in April.

It’s clear the White House and Senate Democrats are at minimum reopening discussions on gun control and at worst, may already have a fast moving plan in place.

All Second Amendment supporters need to watch the news carefully and be prepared to contact their Senators at a moment’s notice.

Democrats learned their lesson before. A long, drawn out debate does not suit their goals. This time a vote will likely be scheduled and be taken very quickly, with as little publicity as possible.

According to POLITICO Reid sidestepped the issue of what his exact plan was, only saying,

“I’m not going to bring up a vote just to have a vote. I want to bring up this vote again if we can accomplish something,” Reid said. “That seems pretty common sense to me: If you have severe mental problems or you are a criminal, you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun.”

Remember, don’t be fooled by supposedly pro gun language in a gun control bill. For instance if the bill claims to make a national gun registry illegal, it doesn’t matter. The targeting of non profit groups by the IRS for political reasons is illegal too, but that didn’t seem to stop the federal government from doing just that. It also seems there will be few, if any, repercussions over that scandal. It’s been proven that we simply can’t trust the current administration with any new or additional info.

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