BREAKING: Oklahoma Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto of Pro-Gun Bill

May 8 2014
by GSL Staff
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Oklahoma flagWe previously reported that the governor of Oklahoma, Republican Mary Fallin, vetoed a bill that would force local chief law enforcement officers to sign off on NFA paperwork for applicants as long as they were legal to own such items.

These items include silencers (suppressors), short barreled rifles/shotguns, automatic weapons, and any other weapons (AOWs) that are regulated by the NFA.

Now, according to local reports, the Oklahoma legislature, who overwhelmingly supported the bill, has overridden the governor’s veto.

According to News9,

The Senate voted 39-0 Thursday to override. The House voted 86-3 on April 30 for the veto override and the bill now becomes law without the governor’s signature.

The bill requires law enforcement authorities to certify within 15 days that a firearm applicant is eligible to receive it under federal regulations.

Governor Mary Fallin issued the following statement today following the vote, which seems to imply her veto of this bill, and other bills, is an effort to force the legislature to focus on issues that Fallin sees to be more pressing,

“Last Tuesday I vetoed 15 bills in an attempt to refocus the attention of the Legislature on important issues facing this state that have been left unaddressed. Those issues include: the need to support local communities seeking to build storm shelters in schools; the need to repair our crumbling state Capitol; addressing our unfunded and fiscally unstable pension system; working to reduce the crisis of prescription drug abuse in Oklahoma; and delivering a responsible, balanced budget that funds core areas of government such as education appropriately while delivering targeted pay raises to some state employees.

“Those issues remain unaddressed and time is running out. The Legislature has chosen to override one of my vetoes, which is certainly its legal right and an outcome I knew was possible. The legislation they passed today makes it easier to sell and transfer restricted firearms and accessories like silencers, which is fine. Now that they’ve accomplished that, I am asking the House and Senate to work with each other and with me to deliver legislation to fund our state government, improve our economy and generally do the things their constituents have put them in office to do. The legislative session is scheduled to end on May 30th. The time for action is now.”

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