BREAKING: NY Sheriff’s Association Joins Lawsuit Fighting NY SAFE Act Laws

May 20 2013
by GSL Staff
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The NY Sheriff’s Association is throwing their hat in the ring to join the lawsuit which is currently challenging if NY’s latest anti gun set of laws, the SAFE Act is unconstitutional.

The New York State Sheriff’s Association has filed an amicus brief in a lawsuit brought to court by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association against the state.

According to the Oneida Daily Dispatch,

The amicus brief will support the main suit by setting forth legal arguments against the NY SAFE Act specifically from the view of law enforcement. Some of the arguments contained in the brief are that the law impinges upon the Second Amendment to a degree that renders it unconstitutional; that the law is fatally vague; and that the law does not provide sufficient guidance to law enforcement.

Sheriffs have been steadfast in their view that although there are some beneficial portions of the NY SAFE Act, many of its provisions are unworkable or unconstitutional. The NY SAFE Act does contains a severability clause which would allow those constitutional and beneficial portions of the act to survive a legal challenge, while at the same time striking down those portions found to be unconstitutional.

The SAFE Act, which many consider hastily passed in the wake of Sandy Hook, has already been challenged in court, revised and had its constitutionality questioned by court judges.

Recently the first arrest for one the Act’s most restrictive measures, limiting magazine capacity to 7 rounds, was made. The individual had 2 too many rounds in an otherwise legal gun magazine.

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