BREAKING NEWS: US Court of Appeals Strikes Down Illinois Concealed Carry Ban!

December 11 2012
by GSL Staff
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The US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the state of Illinois’s ban on concealed carry is unconstitutional.

This is a huge step in getting the people of Illinois an option for legally carrying firearms outside of their homes.

The ruling does say that reasonable restrictions can be placed on the permits which does open up the possibility of very hard to get permits such as New Jersey.

However, the NRA is assuring citizens that they are working with Illinois state legislators to make sure that Illinois becomes a “Shall Issue” state. This means that the state would be expected to issue a permit to everyone who applies unless they can provide a valid reason not to issue a permit. This is different than “May Issue” laws that some states follow.

The ruling gives the state 180 days to revise the law.

The case was headed up by the Second Amendment Foundation, who was also behind the landmark Heller case.

“We are very happy with Judge Posner’s majority opinion,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “This is a victory for Illinois citizens who have been long denied a right recognized in the other 49 states; to have the means necessary for self-defense outside the home.”

“In the broader sense,” he added, “this ruling affirms that the right to keep and bear arms, itself, extends beyond the boundary of one’s front door. This is a huge victory for the Second Amendment.”

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