BREAKING: Maryland Governor Signs Sweeping Gun Control Bill

May 16 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to a Reuters report, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed into law today one of the strictest gun control packages in the country which will make Maryland one of the least gun friendly states in the US.

The bill enacts a number of draconian restrictions which will likely only affect law abiding gun owners who make every attempt to follow laws.

Included in the bill:

  • A restriction that limits magazine capacity to 10 rounds
  • Requirement for all handgun purchasers to undergo safety training
  • Submission of fingerprints in order to own a handgun
  • Specifically bans 45 types of semi automatic weapons
  • Mandatory reporting of lost and stolen firearms
  • Other buying/selling restrictions

Maryland joins the ranks of states such as New York, California and Connecticut which are ranked among the least friendly states to gun owners.

According to the Reuters report,

Republican State Assembly Delegate Neil Parrott said last month that leading opponents of the Maryland bill planned to back an NRA lawsuit, rather than petition for a referendum.

Senate President Thomas Miller criticized the NRA. He told a news conference in Annapolis that the NRA “is going to look for a conservative, right-wing-leaning judge, rather than going to the people of the state of Maryland … because they know that if this bill went to the people, it would pass overwhelmingly.”

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