BREAKING: Manchin Admits Democrats Don’t Have Votes for Gun Bill

April 17 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to POLITICO, “We will not get the votes today,” Manchin told an NBC reporter, who later posted his comments on Twitter.

This goes against comments Manchin made earlier about the vote, “We have over 90 percent of the Senate Democrats that will vote affirmative,” Manchin said.”If we just had 20 percent of our Republican colleagues — that’s not a heavy ask, it’s not a heavy lift, only 20 percent, that’s nine members, nine members — this thing would be home.”

The bill could be sent back down to committee if it fails to get the votes needed.

While the bill is not dead it could be dealt a serious blow today if a vote was to fail.

The last undecided GOP senator, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire said this morning she would oppose the measure which makes the math for passing the bill nearly impossible.

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