BREAKING: Illinois Legislature Passes Concealed Carry Bill With VETO PROOF Bi-Partisan Vote

May 31 2013
by GSL Staff
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398px-Champagne_uncorking_photographed_with_a_high_speed_air-gap_flashBreaking news from Illinois. Both the Illinois House and Senate passed the proposed concealed carry bill which will bring a concealed carry permit program to the last state that didn’t have one.

What is most inspiring is that the bill was passed with a veto proof bi-partisan vote. This means that even if the governor vetos the bill, the legislature has the votes to override it.

According to (different website from this one, but just as awesome),

The Illinois Senate passed HB183 earlier today by a margin of 45-12-1 (36 required to over-ride a governor’s veto) and the House approved it moments ago by a vote of 89-28 (71 votes required to over-ride a governor’s veto).

I’m not a huge fan of the, what will surely be, expensive and time consuming training requirements, but the bill does have one thing I really like, state preemption on gun laws.

This means that cities like Chicago can no longer make their own laws regarding the banning of certain types of firearms, magazines, etc. This bill would not, however, invalidate all existing local laws as had originally been hoped. It will prevent new laws from being passed at the local level though.

Illinois was forced to enact a concealed carry plan by early June after a court ruling found their lack of any method of public firearms carry to be unconstitutional.

Despite Illinois’s still strict gun laws, and some of the restrictions of the bill, this is a huge victory for gun rights and dealt a blow to the Chicago political machine.

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