BREAKING: Illinois Governor to Use “Amendatory Veto” to Change Conceal Carry Bill Today

July 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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390px-Pat_quinn_governor_of_illinoisAccording to a Chicago Tribune article, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn will use his “amendatory veto” to make changes to the state’s concealed carry bill which was overwhelmingly passed by the state legislature last month.

Quinn may add in numerous restrictions which he supports. Quinn is a staunch anti gun advocate and is known to tailor his politics to better gain support in the Chicago area.

Some of the changes Quinn may add to the bill are limits on the number of rounds which can be carried, limit the number of firearms which can be carried (no backup guns), include a state wide “assault weapons” ban in the legislation, and greatly limit where firearms can be carried.

The bill did pass the legislature with a veto proof majority, so it is expected that the state legislature will override any changes the governor makes the next time they meet.

According to the Tribune article,

“He’s simply playing politics with this, that’s all he’s doing,” said Phelps, a Democrat from Harrisburg in far southern Illinois. “It’s a double standard. What kind of message is he sending when he walks around with armed security guards but he won’t let people exercise their constitutional right to protect themselves or their family?”

You know you’re extremely anti gun when Illinois Democrats are saying that you’re too anti gun.

Illinois is being forced by a US Court to put in place a method for allowing some form of gun carry outside the home as the court ruled that Illinois’ complete ban on carry was unconstitutional. Illinois is currently the only state which has no legal method for law abiding citizens to carry loaded firearms on their person outside of their homes.

The Attorney General for the state, Lisa Madigan, has until later next month to decide if she will appeal the decision to the Supreme Court. Madigan’s father is Speaker of the House in Illinois and staunch supporter of the new concealed carry bill.

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