BREAKING: Evidence Begins to Show Senate to Take up Gun Control Vote Very Soon

June 10 2013
by GSL Staff
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320px-Biden_ObamaGun control seems poised to make a comeback in Congress much sooner rather than later.

This week the families of Sandy Hook victims will be traveling to Capitol Hill to speak with lawmakers in efforts to revive gun control bills in the Senate according to POLITICO.

This comes on the heels of reports that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Vice President Joe “Double Barrels to the Sky” Biden, and Senator Joe Manchin (the architect of the April Universal Background Check bill) have been meeting with lawmakers recently to try and round up more support to bring back gun control initiatives.

Remember that the current round of gun bills in the Senate can be brought back up for a vote anytime even though they were initially defeated in April.

Democrats will likely bring the bills up for a vote very quickly and only when they think they have a good shot at passing them.

Now is the time to remain vigilant as the next steps will happen very quickly.

The fact that there was the Reid/Biden chatter last week and now the Sandy Hook families this week shows that something is definitely up.

On the heels of the Santa Monica shooting would be a prime time for Democrats to make a move and put the Democratic mantra of “Never let a tragedy go to waste” in action.

It would not surprise us to see a gun control vote in the next few weeks. It may come as an amendment to a completely unrelated bill, so be ready to act and contact your lawmakers as needed.

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