BREAKING: Chicago Moves to Ban Guns in Restaurants, But Also Eliminates City Gun Registry

September 11 2013
by GSL Staff
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It’s a mixed bag for gun rights coming out of the Chicago City Council today.

In one disheartening move, the council passed a local ordinance which makes will make it illegal to carry guns into alcohol serving establishments, including all restaurants that serve alcohol once the state begins issuing concealed carry licenses.

This is at odds with the state law on the issue which bans guns at bars whose income comes from greater than 50% alcohol sales.

The council expects the city will be sued over the move, as the concealed carry law passed earlier this year in Illinois gives the state preemption to regulate locations where guns can be carried.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for once out of Chicago as the Council also passed some slightly favorable measures as well.

According to CBS Chicago,

Aldermen also approved a measure eliminating a 45-year-old requirement that Chicago gun owners register their firearms. It also would weaken a requirement that guns at home be secured with child-safety locks – by requiring such locks only when someone younger than 18 is in the home, unless the owner is carrying the firearm.

Illinois became the last state in the country to allow some form of concealed carry earlier this year after being forced to do so by a court order. Courts found that the state’s outright ban on carry outside the home was a violation of the Second Amendment.

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