BREAKING: Bi-Partisan Vote in Alabama Overrides Governor’s Veto of Armed Teachers Bill

May 22 2013
by GSL Staff
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Alabama state lawmakers worked late into the night yesterday considering last minute bills before the close of their legislative session. One of the bills being considered was a bill that would allow rural teachers with a concealed carry permit to carry firearms to school to protect themselves and children.

The bill actually already passed the state legislature earlier this year, but was vetoed by Governor Robert Bentley, citing his concerns for insufficient training requirements. In a rare show of bipartisanship at any level of government, a coordinated effort by lawmakers got the votes needed and actually overrode the governor’s veto.

One of the most adamant supporters of the bill is in fact a Democrat, Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow (D-Colbert, Franklin).

According to a report,

Rep. Morrow told reporters he was glad both chambers, with it Republican supermajority, backed him up on the bill and added that partisan politics has no place in school safety.

“When [children] hear about Sandy Hook and Dale County, they visualize the same thing happening in Franklin County. This will put a degree of safety. This will give assurance in their minds that someone is protecting them,” Rep. Morrow said.

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