Brady Campaign Sues GA Town Over Mandatory Gun Ownership

May 17 2013
by GSL Staff
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The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence has sued the GA town of Nelson, which recently passed a law requiring all households to own a gun.

However, that law is mainly symbolic in nature as residents can opt out of the law for any number of reasons, including simply not wanting to own a gun.

The law was passed mainly to make a statement amid the recent gun control debate.

The law is based on a similar law from nearby Kennesaw, GA which has had the law on the books since the 1980’s. Kennesaw has one of the lowest crime rates in the state of GA.

According to CNN,

And there are residents of Nelson who have suffered economically because of the law, the suit says. It says longtime resident Harold Lamar Kellett was “forced” to purchase a handgun and ammunition, which cost him nearly $700 — a financial burden he should not have to bear.

The ordinance “has stripped Mr. Kellett of his right to determine how best to protect his home and compelled him to take action and communicate with the public in a manner he would not otherwise have done,” according to the suit.

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