Bloomberg’s NYC Government Fining Gift Shop Owner $60,000 For Selling Tiny, Gun Shaped Lighters

June 4 2013
by GSL Staff
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02.1n010.ToyGuns--300x300The owner of a gift shop in New York City might be ran out of business by the vehemently anti gun government of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The shop owner was apparently unaware of the ridiculous NYC law which makes the selling of toy guns, even tiny novelty gun shaped cigarette lighters, a serious crime, punishable by massive fines that easily put small business owners out of business.

Fred Shayes, the owner of US Camera & Computer Inc. near Penn Station was hit with a $60,000 fine for selling tiny novelty lighters. Shayes immediately removed the items and even showed documentation that he was in compliance, but that didn’t matter.

The issue is that the lighters were silver and black. Even though they had an orange tip they don’t meet the city’s requirements that the entire gun must be a bright color, you know, like the Liberator, a REAL gun.

Defense Distributed Liberator pistol

The city has a formal policy of wanting to remove any sort of toy gun from the American Culture. According to a NYC government document,

“Fake guns that look like real ones are illegal and can easily be mistaken for the real thing, possibly leading to dangerous or even fatal consequences,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Anyone thinking of selling fake guns should take this as a clear warning: it’s time to get rid of these dangerous toys. If you attempt to sell illegal fake guns, our Administration will come after you, and use whatever resources we have under the law to punish you. While we aggressively work to prevent sales, it is also imperative parents think twice about buying them. We are working hard to make sure these fake guns stay out of kids’ hands.”

This isn’t the first time the anti gun city government has flexed its muscles on the issue. According to the NY Post,

Over the past seven years, city officials have seized more than 7,200 illegal toy guns from stores and levied $2.4 million in fines, officials said.

Retailer Party City paid a record $500,000 in fines for 800 violations of the city’s toy-gun law.

It’s obvious what Bloomberg’s long term plan is. He wants to create such a stigma around guns, even toy ones, that eventually future generations will be so afraid of firearms that the portion of the American public supporting gun rights will simple resolve. Maybe that will work in NYC Mr. Mayor, but don’t forget we are a large, diverse, FREE country.

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