Bloomberg Admits ‘Assault Weapons’ Not Responsible for Deaths, Goes After Handguns

March 11 2013
by GSL Staff
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But I thought everyone kept saying that the government only wanted to come after semi automatic rifles?

In a March 10 interview on Face the Nation, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg finally admitted that the firearms that he calls ‘assault weapons’ are only responsible for ~400 deaths per year nationwide.

He then quickly turned his attention to handguns and increased calls for closing the “gun show loophole and internet loophole.” Of course those are just buzz words and the mayor means private person to person transactions. What he’s also not saying is that universal background checks would create a national gun registry as every single gun transaction would then be recorded on a Form 4473, which the ATF has great power over.

With the exception of Canada, who is doing away with parts of their gun registry, registration almost always leads to confiscation.

It should be quite obvious that people like Bloomberg are not interested in just outlawing certain types of weapons. They want to outlaw or cripple civilian gun ownership.

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