As of Today, You Can Only Buy Ammo Face to Face at Authorized Dealers in New York

January 15 2014
by GSL Staff
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ammo stockProvisions from last year’ SAFE Act (aka one of the worst gun control bills ever passed into law) continue to roll out in New York.

The latest is a requirement that ammo sales in the state can only happen face to face and from authorized dealers.

This means online sales of ammo are effectively banned in New York as of today.

This part of the law was upheld in a recent court challenge of the SAFE Act.

Buyers will also eventually have to undergo background checks in New York when they purchase ammo. However, the system to handle those background checks is not yet in place.

Shooting ranges, gun clubs and similar businesses will have to register with the state in order to receive shipments of ammo from out of state distributors in order to continue to provide ammo to their customers.

These regulations will no doubt drive up the cost of ammo in the state of New York and affect availability in an already strained market.

Ammo can usually be purchased cheaper and in higher quantities online compared to local vendors.

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