Gun Community April Fools Roundup – 9 Gun Related April Fools Articles

April 1 2014
by GSL Staff
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stock_P1020356There have been numerous articles and videos today put out by the media and gun companies today in observation of April Fools Day. Here’s a rundown a few notable ones.

Our article, New Industrial Technology Will Allow .22LR Production to Increase 10,000% was received well. A special “we love you too” to the folks who responded with a barrage of curse words.

SilencerCo released a video about their new “Wizard Staff Silencer” which quickly went semi-viral on Youtube.

The Truth About Guns broke the fake story that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has issued an order that would make the Garden State a shall issue carry permit state. seems to have published only fake news today, here are their headlines:
Ted Nugent ‘Gun Rights Musical’ coming to NYC, Summer 2015 (VIDEO)
Lost boy: NRA lobbyist Chris W. Cox identified as 12-year-old runaway, Christopher Coswolinski
As weaponized Pop Tart bills advance, grips for toaster pastry guns hit the market (VIDEO)
Smith & Wesson to drop ‘Smith’ from company name
BREAKING: LaPierre steps down, Spika steps up as new NRA chief

Seattle Gun Rights Examiner Dave Workman got in on the action with the following headline, Bloomy reportedly offers to buy NRA; White House will help transition

Firearms & Safety Training Orange County even offered an RPG-7 Class in honor of April 1st.

What do you guys think? Do you enjoy the parody and jokes that inevitably make their way around the gun community on April 1st, or could you do without them?

As a blogger, I can say that it does provide a bit of a break and a chance to have some fun seeing how outlandish of a story you can come up with.

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