Group Puts Up Billboard to Get Pro-Gun Police Chief Fired, Chief Takes Photo w/ AR-15 in Front of It

August 23 2013
by GSL Staff
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Gilberton, PA Police Chief Mark Kessler, who was suspended for 30 days for using “borough property for non-borough purposes without prior borough permission” in the making of his profanity laced, automatic gun shooting videos which often target anti-gun advocates and liberals.

Now, a gun control group is moving to get Kessler outright terminated from his job. They have even gone as far as to erect a billboard.

According to Fox,

The Washington-based Coalition to Stop Gun Violence says Kessler is a menace who must be removed. The Washington-based group paid $1,000 to put up a billboard on Route 924 urging Gilberton’s borough council to fire him.

“We think Chief Kessler represents the worst of the gun bullies out there,” Josh Horwitz, the group’s executive director, said Wednesday. “He’s been intimidating people in that town for years.”

However, Kessler isn’t easily intimidated, and he posted the above photo in which he is holding what appears to be an AR-15 in front of the billboard.

Kessler has a long history of being an outspoken supporter of gun rights, the Constitution and is president and founder of Constitutional Security Force, a pro gun organization.

Here is one of Kessler’s Youtube videos in which he “apologizes” for his language in previous videos (language NSFW…obviously).

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