Govt Seizing ALL Verizon Phone Records – This Further Shows Why We Oppose Expanded Background Checks

June 6 2013
by GSL Staff
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ELT200805030124152610472If you haven’t heard by now (start reading more news), the NSA has served Verizon with a secret warrant requiring the mobile carrier to provide the NSA with a daily updated record of all phone calls made on its network.

The information tracked included both numbers for every call, duration, location, and other metadata generated by a call on the Verizon network. It does not include the audio or conversation from the calls.

The Guardian broke the story (we’re guessing whoever provided the copy of the warrant wanted to provide it to a foreign paper to avoid a US court ordering the paper to reveal the source) and they make an excellent point, they don’t know if the NSA is doing this for all mobile carriers in the US, or if it was truly just Verizon.

This scandal, along with the IRS targeting of conservative groups, shows one of the main reasons gun owners so strongly oppose expanded background checks. The government keeps showing time and time again that it simply cannot be trusted with information about private citizens/groups.

Even though the recent Toomey-Manchin background check bill explicitly made it illegal to establish a gun registry, do you think that will stop the current government administration?

They have already proven they are willing to break the law in order to make political gains and grossly invade the privacy of law abiding American citizens in the interest of “National Security.” Why do we think anything would be different with the additional metadata generated by these expanded background checks?

This latest scandal is just one of several which has plagued the Obama administration’s second term.

As we’ve seen in the recent IRS scandal and DoJ wiretapping scandal, those involved, even if what they did was illegal, will not be punished and might actually be promoted like Susan Rice, who just today was made Obama’s Nation Security Advisor. Rice most likely lied about what she knew and when she knew it in regards to the talking points of the Benghazi terrorist attacks on 9/11/13.

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