GoDaddy Founder Bob Parsons Speaks Out Against Gun Control in Recent Interview

October 21 2014
by GSL Staff
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As a former IT professional, I tend to stay away from GoDaddy’s services as there are simply better options out there (in my opinion anyway), but I can absolutely stand behind GoDaddy founder Bob Parson’s recent comments regarding gun rights.

The billionaire founder of GoDaddy recently sat down for an interview with Inc. Magazine to discuss his thoughts on gun control.

Here are a few of his comments:

“I own firearms. I believe I have a right to protect myself and my family.

“I believe I have a right to use them in shooting sports.

“Just the other day, an individual went berserk on a bus and started stabbing people. … Well, you know, the knife wasn’t the problem, even though the knife was the tool of the destruction. The problem was the individual.”

Parsons also praised his home state of Arizona for protecting its citizens Second Amendment rights. Arizona is one of several states that has constitutional carry.

Parsons is an outspoken member of the NRA and it’s suspected he is a major donor to the organization.

He is also a big game hunter and has taken flak for posting videos and pictures from his hunts from around the world.

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