Geraldo Rivera Goes Off on Second Amendment and “Gun Nuts” in Facebook Post

August 29 2014
by GSL Staff
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Talk show host and journalist Geraldo Rivera has joined a chorus of other voices who have sought to blame the tragic death of a shooting instructor on the second amendment,

Geraldo said the following in a Facebook post on his page,

Like I always say, the 2nd Amendment, the provision that gives every American the right to keep and bear arms, is blind and stupid. In its relentless pimping for the gun industry, the NRA has unleashed an avalanche of deadly weapons on this gun-crazy country. Just as protects access to weapons for cops and hunters, it also protects access to weapons for domestic abusers, mental patients, jerk-offs on the no-fly list, all-around dim bulbs, and now little children.

As the father of a sweet, smart nine year old daughter myself, the latest example of gross excess is the image of that pony-tailed New Jersey girl accidentally killing her gun range instructor. It is obscene and uncivilized to let a third grader shoot a fully automatic Uzi machine gun. What was she training for, revolution? Invasion? Service in the coming post-apocalyptic social disorder? Stupid, but just another of countless examples of how far into insanity we have let the gun nuts push us.

Um, actually domestic abusers and some mental patients are specifically not allowed to possess firearms under current laws.

So called “jerk-offs on the no-fly list” can be placed on that list for any reason, by anyone authorized to make additions to the list. To take away someone’s rights because they were arbitrarily added to a list would be a violation of due process.

I actually agree that allowing a 9 year old, with little to no firearms training, should not be shooting a fully automatic submachine gun is a dumb move for the same reasons I think allowing a 15 year old with a learner’s permit to drive a race car is a bad move.

However, that doesn’t mean I think we need to pass even more laws in this country. Common sense (ACTUAL common sense, not legislated, BS common sense) could have totally prevented this situation.

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