Fully Functional Pump Shotgun Designed to Look Like a Water Gun

December 10 2014
by GSL Staff
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The above image is being circulated in the gun community and it certainly sparks some interesting dialogue.

The image allegedly shows a fully functional pump shotgun action and barrel placed inside of a Super Soaker water gun in order to disguise it.

The photo was posted to the Facebook page Sheriff Deputies of Ohio.

The group is ran by a few guys who are law enforcement officers in the state of Ohio. According to a comment they posted along with this photo:

Just to be clear, our page is not affiliated in any way with any LE organization or group. We are a couple of Ohio Deputy Sheriffs and the opinions we state are ours and ours alone. We are here for cops and LE supporters.

Here’s the original post embedded from Facebook:

We can’t verify the authenticity of the photo, however, real or not, something like this is certainly a possibility and opens up a whole new discussion about toy guns.

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