Fox News Published Story About “Ft Hood Jihad” Yesterday, Dismissed by FBI as Non Threat

April 2 2014
by GSL Staff
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UPDATE: Fox News says today’s shooting on Ft. Hood is NOT related to the story below.

There is an active shooter situation on Ft. Hood in Texas right now.

Fox News published an article titled, “EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Army recruit whose ‘Ft. Hood-inspired jihad’ prompted alert not a threat: FBI

Here is an excerpt,

UPDATE: An Army recruit who triggered a military and law enforcement alert is not considered an immediate threat by the FBI – even though the agency said he told friends he planned a “Ft. Hood-inspired jihad” against fellow soldiers” and warned it was “imminent.” reported Monday that the FBI was searching for a recent Army recruit known as “Booker, also known as Mohammad Abdullah Hassan” after obtaining an alert based on FBI intelligence and provided by the agency’s Kansas City division. The alert, which the FBI sent to the U.S. Marine Corps, local police departments and other law enforcement agencies, was titled “Planned Ft. Hood-inspired Jihad against US Soldiers by Army Recruit” and said Hassan had warned his “jihad was imminent.”

But although the reference was to the 2009 shooting on a Texas military base in which 13 people were killed and more than 30 injured, the FBI downplayed the threat on Tuesday and said it was not hunting for the man.

“We have interviewed this individual,” an FBI spokesman said. “There is not a manhunt and there never was one. There is no imminent threat to public safety, nor should the public be concerned that this threat exists from an individual at large.”

Please note, we have no information that this individual is responsible for today’s incident.

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