Fort Hood Shooter Supported Stricter Mental Health Check Laws for Gun Buyers

April 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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Spc. Ivan Lopez, who has been identified as the killer in the recent Fort Hood shooting, apparently made some interesting comments on social media in the months leading up to the incident.

According to CNN,

Lopez wrote that Lanza “pretends to be a victim of a mental illness followed by addiction to violent video games” and that the shooter sought “international attention” and a “minute of fame as a villain.”

He added, “It is stupid to me that anyone can have easy access to a powerful weapon without being mentally evaluated. This makes the government indirect accomplice… These bastards have perfected their way of attacking studying previous massacres to gain publicity and their minute of fame as a villain. But thanks to Hollywood and the sensational profiling by the media [they] give more power to those intelligent cowards.”

Interesting that someone who was suffering from mental illness would advocate stricter laws regarding the purchasing of firearms.

Lopez killed three people and wounded 16 others before killing himself.

Lopez also mentioned getting robbed and possibly even alluded to being involved in a defensive gun use.

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