Former Anti Gun Woman Absolutely Nails the Purpose of the Second Amendment in This Video

February 3 2013
by Dan Cannon
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Sometimes just one person changing their mind is all it takes to make you realize everything you’re fighting for is making a difference.

In this video, a woman, who describes herself as someone who was formerly anti gun, absolutely understands the Second Amendment after doing her own research.

This is what usually happens when people start doing their own research, learning for themselves and realize that not everything you read in the newspapers or see on TV is the complete truth.

Bravo to this woman who had the courage to make a public video coming out against her former stance. Changing your position after learning the truth is not a sign of weakness as some would have you believe, it is a sign of personal growth.

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Dan Cannon

Dan Cannon

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Dan has combined his education and professional background in technology with his passion for shooting and personal rights to create one of the most read Second Amendment news websites online. His articles are also syndicated in The Daily Caller's "Guns and Gear" Section.

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