Follow Up: Suspect in Dollar General Robbery Charged With Murder After Concealed Carrier Shot & Killed His Accomplice

August 30 2012
by GSL Staff
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We reported the story about the 57 year old concealed carrier in Florida who shot and killed one of two men robbing a Dollar General on Tuesday.

We now have some new information. The suspect who was killed by the carrier was Deveal Odoms. He and Aundre Krishna Campbell tried to rob the a Dollar General store using C02 pistols that resembled real guns.

When the carrier drew his .45 caliber handgun and ordered the pair to drop their weapons, Odoms did not comply, and the carrier fired several shots, striking and killing Odoms.

Campbell fled the scene, but was picked up by police a couple of days later. Now Campbell is facing a murder charge in Odoms death. In Florida you can be charged with murder if anyone dies while you are committing a crime, even if you didn’t pull the trigger.

Police had high praise for the concealed carrier, whose identity has not been released, “He put himself in harm’s way by getting involved,” homicide Lt. Rob Schoonover said. “To me, that is an extraordinary person to do that.”

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