FL Homeowner Pretends to Have a Gun and Captures Three Burglary Suspects

September 29 2014
by GSL Staff
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Finger gun

A homeowner in Florida apparently didn’t even need a gun to capture burglary suspects in his home late last week.

The man came home to find three masked intruders in his home. He acted quickly and called police, however that wasn’t the only action he took.

According to ABC13,

The man said he grabbed a knife, put it under his shirt and faked like he had a gun.

“I’ll shoot him in the f****** head,” he told the burglary suspects while on the phone with police. “You stay right there – don’t move. You stay on the ground.”

The man then forced the three into a closet and locked the door.

“Look at the wall,” he told them. “Don’t you look out of that closet. You look at that damn wall.”

Police arrested all three of the suspects, two of whom were juveniles.

We’re not filing this one as a defensive gun use since no physical gun was used, but it is a great story that illustrates how the mere presence of a firearm (or in this case just the thought of a firearm), can defuse a criminal situation.

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