FL Citizens Divided Over Self Defense Laws

June 14 2012
by GSL Staff
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Citizens on both sides of the debate in FL have sounded off to the state task force appointed to look into FL’s self defense laws.

Some people want to see more restrictions placed on self defense in FL, while others want the law to be left alone.

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Nearly 6,600 emails gathered by a task force looking into Florida’s self-defense laws have been filled with passionate responses to the Trayvon Martin shooting as well as caustic criticisms of the Republican-controlled state government and of those who called for the arrest of George Zimmerman.

“My ancestors pioneered central Florida in 1830. They used guns to secure food, not for machismo. Thanks to the gun lobby, the opposite is true today,” Smith wrote. “I currently feel far safer in Central America than in my native state.”

“Please leave the law as it is…” says John Smith

It’s the opinion of this editor that adding more restrictions and making the self defense statutes in FL more complex will cost lives. At some point there will be a time when a person should use deadly force to defend themselves, but they will hesitate for fear of legal repercussions.

If you shoot someone and claim self defense under the current law it is still going to be investigated. Claiming the Stand Your Ground law is not an instant, Get Out of Jail Free card that you can just throw on the table. If someone is shot and a grand jury doesn’t think you met the requirements laid out by the law you will be charged with murder, manslaughter, etc.

Making the law more complex is only going to cause more people to be hesitant to defend themselves, their families and their homes during a time when deadly force would be needed.

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