Five Year Old Who Was Suspended for Cap Gun Gets Record Expunged

June 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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05005RollCapGunTwo common sense stories regarding the ongoing issue of gun control and schools in one day! Earlier today we reported that the criminal charges against a 14 year old WV boy who refused to remove and NRA shirt in school have been dropped. Now, we get news that the five year Maryland boy who was suspended for bringing an obviously toy cap gun on his school bus will have his permanent academic record expunged of the incident.

When the boy was caught with the toy on the bus, he was brought to his school and interrogated for up to two hours without the presence of a parent. During the interrogation the child wet his pants. A behavior which his mother says in uncharacteristic.

According to a Washington Post article on the issue,

In the Calvert case, the family’s attorney, Robin Ficker, filed a five-page appeal asking that the suspension be reversed, the record be wiped clean and a public hearing be held by the school board.

The appeal said that kindergartners are introduced to the student conduct code through a coloring book the first week of school. The 5-year-old was not yet reading at that point and did not grasp the gravity of the rules, according to the document.

“It is common for kindergartners to play Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers or to bring things to Show and Tell,” the appeal said. “In any case, telling a little 5 year old something once or twice, is often not enough.”

Thankfully, it sounds like at least a couple of schools are finally coming to their senses with this zero tolerance nonsense.

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