Five Weird Recurring Dreams That Gun Owners Have

November 11 2014
by GSL Staff
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Let’s talk dreams for a minute. No, I’m not talking about your ongoing hope that Dianne Feinstein and Charles Schumer will suddenly retire from the Senate. No, we’re talking about actual sleepy time dreams today.

After talking to several gun owning friends and acquaintances I’ve found that there a few recurring dreams involving guns that it seems more than a few gun owners have.

When you think about it makes sense. We often dream about things in our everyday life, and if you carry a gun everyday for self defense that certainly qualifies. Your gun is just as likely to be a part of your dream as your friends, your spouse or Kate Upton… wait… what?

Your gun is most likely to make an appearance when you are threatened in your dream. This can be in the form of a variety of threats – a mugger, a home invader, or even something supernatural. Whereas many people might simply run from the threat, due to your training, you might respond with your firearm. However, as many people have told me (and I’ve experienced a few of these myself), that doesn’t always go as planned. Interestingly, these dreams seem to be more common in people who have never been in combat or a life and death gunfight.

1.) The Malfunctioning Gun – This is by far the most common gun dream that people seem to have. The malfunctions might be traditional, real life malfunctions, or weird, non-realistic malfunctions. Either way, your gun isn’t working and you can’t fix it.

2.) The Heavy Trigger – While your carry gun might have a perfectly tuned, crisp trigger pull, in this dream the trigger weight is around 100 lbs and might even require multiple fingers to pull. Of course, even if you do manage to get the gun to fire, it’s probably not very accurate with that trigger pull.

3.) The Lobbing, Ineffective Bullet – In this version of the dream, your gun actually works but the rounds that come out of gun seem to leave the barrel with the velocity of a snail climbing a tree. You might even have to greatly exaggerate the angle of your gun to get the round to travel any significant distance. Of course, at that speed, they do little to no damage to your intended target.

4.) The Missing Gun – You know there is a threat. You know you need to arm yourself, but your firearm is nowhere to be found.

5.) The Invulnerable Foe – If you’ve managed to overcome scenarios 1, 2, 3, and 4 in your dream and you actually get effective rounds on target you find that the threat (whatever that might be in this dream) is completely unfazed by your course of fire.

Has anyone had any of these dreams or variations of them?

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