Firearms Bans by Taxation? Possibly Coming Soon.

March 10 2013
by GSL Staff
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There is a push underway at the national and state levels to raise the prices of guns through additional taxes.

According to, In Congress, a group of Democrats, led by Rep. Linda T. Sanchez of Lakewood, is pushing for an additional 10% tax on handgun purchases that could generate tens of millions of dollars nationwide to fund gun buybacks, firearms safety campaigns and anti-violence programs.

A 10% increase could easily put quality firearms out of reach for many buyers who made need them for self defense.

For instance a $500 handgun subjected to a 6% state sales tax and the proposed 10% handgun tax would cost a whopping $580.

Given the fact that the courts have routinely held that Congress has the ability to create taxes this could be the newest form of gun control we see. This could even be worked into budget proposals to try and finally pass a budget, something Congress has failed to do in recent times.

Several states are also considering taxes on gun and ammo purchases at the state level.

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