Fewer Than 100 People Show up at Anti NRA Protest

April 27 2013
by GSL Staff
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As we reported on Thursday, several anti gun groups planned a “massive” protest to march on the NRA’s lobbying efforts. The group planned to hand out photos of dead shooting victims to NRA lobbyists and bystanders.

Despite over 44,000 people being invited to the protest through a Facebook event, and over 1,000 RSVPing as attending – the turnout was a “massive” crowd of 60 people according to Slate magazine. The press assigned to cover the event almost outnumbered the protesters themselves.

Recent PRO gun rallies in many states have had attendance in the thousands, and in some cases well into the tens of thousands.

This goes back to what I’ve been saying all along, most people don’t care about gun control, and almost everyone that actually does care about, only cares in order to fight it.

Gun control just seems to be a non issue among non gun owners. In a recent Gallup poll only 4% of respondents listed gun control as the most important issue facing our country.

So why are poll numbers so skewed towards being for more gun control? That’s because almost all polls force people to take a side on an issue. They don’t weigh how much a person actually cares about an issue.

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