Female Pit Bull Shot While Defending Family From Shotgun Wielding Intruder

August 6 2013
by GSL Staff
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This one isn’t directly gun related, but who doesn’t love a good dog story?

According to a Facebook posting by Atlantic Animal Hospital in Accomac, VA, “Lefty,” a femaly pitbull rushed to save her family from armed robbers,

In the middle of the night, 4 intruders entered my family home while my parents and the children were sleeping. They tried to shoot at my Dad – but I jumped in the way and the shotgun blast hit me instead.”

This is Lefty’s scary story – and it really happened right here on the Shore. She arrived at Atlantic Animal Hospital in shock and bleeding from a huge wound in her shoulder which tore up her muscles and shattered her humerus bone. She is doing very well after emergency treatment

Thanks to the postings of the Animal Hospital, donations were raised to cover Lefty’s surgery, which included amputating one of her legs.

According to delmarvaNow.com, Dr. Michele Leatherbury, the vet who treated Lefty, said the dog has an excellent prognosis and is doing just fine. She also said the dog was extremely sweet and showed no signs of aggression even after everything she’d been through.

The dog is now back at home with her family and is expected to make a thorough recovery.

No further details on the robbery are currently available.

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