Father of Aurora Theater Shooting Survivor Speaks Out AGAINST Gun Control

January 10 2013
by GSL Staff
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One might think that the father of a survivor of the Aurora Theater shooting would be in favor of more gun control.

However, Guy Bennett, does not agree. His son survived the shooting as well as his son’s girlfriend, although she did suffer a gunshot wound.

Bennett, who recently relocated to GA, spoke at a GOP breakfast.

Bennett, carrying a .45 caliber handgun on his hip, speaking to a panel discussion of eight current, outgoing and future Republican state representatives and senators at the Cobb GOP’s Legislative Breakfast, said his son had a concealed handgun license in Colorado, but wasn’t allowed to take his gun into the movie theater.

“We need to abolish the defenseless victim zones,” said Bennett, who recently moved to the area from Colorado. “I’m tired of explaining to him why his girlfriend was shot and he could not defend himself — a God-given right.”

We tend to agree with Mr. Bennett.

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