Elementary School to Raffle Off Rifle to Raise Field Trip Money

September 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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156911One North Carolina elementary school is taking an unconventional and, according to some controversial, approach to raising funds for class field trips.

The school is currently auctioning off a muzzle loading rifle (similar to the one pictured) donated by a member of a local hunting organization, Delta Waterfowl.

Of course, the move is raising some eyebrows being that the words gun and school are so close together in a sentence.

According to Digtriad.com,

Principal John Joyner obtained approval from Wilson County Schools Superintendent Sean Bulson to raffle off the gun, as long as students weren’t connected with it in any way.

“It’s an unusual fundraiser – kind of an unusual request – but at no time will this weapon be on campus,” school district spokeswoman Amber Whitley said, noting that students also won’t be allowed to buy or sell any tickets to the raffle.

Whitley went on to add she doesn’t think there will be a problem given the community where the raffle is taking place. According to WTVR,

“We fully support the decision that was made and just really hope it makes a lot of money for the school,” said Whitley, a representative for the school system. “This is a community that clearly understands the distinction between, you know, responsible gun ownership and gun violence.”

According to the Digtriad article, ticket sales for the muzzle loader were brisk.

The school originally printed off 20 of the $5 tickets, but will be printing at least 300 more to keep up with deman.

Thanks to the firearms and Second Amendment community these kids will get to have more fulfilling school year.

Who doesn’t love field trips?

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