Editorial: The Attack on Handguns Has Officially Begun

January 29 2013
by GSL Staff
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So far, most of the gun control talk has been around reducing the number of semi-automatic rifles and reducing magazine capacities.

To those of us who have studied the gun control measures put into place over the last 100 years it is obvious that the endgame is either a complete ban or extremely tough restrictions on the average citizen’s right to bear arms.

We’ve been saying that a ban on semi automatic rifles is just a stepping stone to an eventual ban on handguns. Afterall, it will be very easy for politicians to point out that the semi auto rifle ban isn’t working to stop gun violence because right now rifle homicides number less 400 people each year. More people are struck by lightning in the US each year than are killed by rifles.

Now it seems that the conversation is turning to handguns even before any new legislation has been passed.

CNN.com’s front page editorial today is entitled, “Why new laws could miss America’s bigger gun problem” and is a direct assault on the right of the American people to own handguns.

Just yesterday, the NYPD chief came out and said that the real problem with gun violence is concealed handguns.

New York state just passed the most restrictive gun control laws in the country. The new laws limit magazine capacity to just 7 rounds. This significantly neuters most modern handguns which can normally hold 12-19 rounds of ammo, making them excellent defense tools. Make no mistake, Governor Cuomo would love to see that law become a federal one.

Currently handguns enjoy a special bit of protection from the Supreme Court as they ruled in Heller that an outright ban on handguns is unconstitutional. That, however, is not stopping the gun grabbers from starting their attack on handguns in the court of public opinion.

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