eBay User Selling Autographed Jim Carrey Picture to Fund Gun Purchase to Protect Family

March 26 2013
by GSL Staff
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A user on eBay is auctioning off his autographed photo of Jim Carrey with the hopes of using the funds to purchase a firearm to defend his family.

The user says they no longer want to own the photo after Carrey’s recent music video which mocks gun owners and the deceased Charlton Heston.

Some of the questions/answers on the item are already getting amusing with one person saying if they won the auction they would allow the seller to keep the photo to use as target practice.

The seller mentions that he wants to get a firearm, ammo, training and a carry permit after his family experienced a break in last month.

Anyone out there in the market for an autographed anti gunner photo? Could always come up with some creative ways to use it.

Here is a link to the auction:

Here is the item being sold:

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