Dr. Ben Carson Rallies Against Gun Registration, Warns Against Martial Law

March 12 2014
by GSL Staff
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Carson Scholars FundDr. Ben Carson, a highly respected commentator, speaker and writer in conservative circles has released some comments about his feelings on gun registration. Spolier – he’s not a fan.

On Monday this week, Carson was a panelist at The New York meeting and the topic of guns and gun registration came up. Carson mentioned that he changed his view of registration that he held when he was younger. Carson now worries gun registration could lead to confiscation and worries what might happen in a martial law situation.

According to Breitbart News,

The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto mentioned previous comments of Carson’s in which he gave an urban/rural distinction on gun rights. Carson had suggested that he would not want a crazy person to have a chance to get a semiautomatic rifle in high-density urban areas, while not having a problem with someone living alone in the countryside with those guns.

“Do you think the Supreme Court was wrong when it found that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep arms in Washington, D.C., and Chicago?” Taranto asked.

“I truly believe in Second Amendment rights,” Carson said. “I would never advocate anything to interfere with Second Amendment rights; however, I do think we have to be intelligent.”

He said his point in saying that was to address situations–like in Detroit–where people with AK-47s are mowing people down.

“We need to engage in a discussion about, ‘Is there something we can do?'” Carson said before saying that “we have to keep in mind that law-abiding American citizens absolutely should have gun rights.”

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