Discovery Channel Shopping Around for “Sons of Guns” Replacement?

September 24 2014
by GSL Staff
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It seems that Discovery might be shopping around for a new gun related show to replace the recently canceled “Sons of Guns”.

The following call for a location and subject is apparently out on the interwebz.

I am currently on the hunt for a family owned and operated trading post, gun store or all in one wilderness outpost that feels like a time capsule to the old west (or similar). I’m looking for something relatively remote and rugged. The kind of place where all the mountain men would trek in to get their supplies for the month (or something similar).

Thank You,
Amberlee S. M. Mucha
Talent Development Producer – Discovery Studios
(323) 308-2520 o.
(213) 915-6044 c.

I guess Discovery realizes that Americans still want to see some television that features firearms in some way.

“Sons of Guns” was recently canceled by Discovery after one of the stars of the show, Will Hayden, was charged with numerous child molestation charges spanning multiple victims and multiple years.

Not sure I’d take the offer if I owned such a shop, but I guess if the money’s right…

h/t The Firearm Blog

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