Deputy Sheriff Tears Kevin de Leon Apart in Open Letter Following Ridiculous Gun Control Press Conference

January 21 2014
by GSL Staff
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Matt, from The Bang Switch, has absolutely destroyed California State Lawmaker Kevin de Leon following that idiot’s joke of a press conference earlier this week (see the full video at the bottom of this article).

Here is an excerpt from the open letter.

You assert that assembling a complete, functioning AR-15 from a legally purchased 80% lower is a simple task. I myself have completed that task, but I am not the average American. I have a well-equipped shop with all the necessary machinery, and the knowledge to use that machinery, in order to complete the lower receiver. You make it seem that any fool with a drill press can complete the task, which is a vast oversimplification.

I challenge you sir, to put your money where your mouth is so to speak. Show me how easily, you personally, can complete the machine work on that raw lower receiver forging you held up, and assemble a working AR-15.

The incident in Santa Monica that you mention, while tragic, is not evidence of any great crime streak or rising criminal trend in which “Ghost Guns” are being employed. To my knowledge, that is the only incident the State of CA has experienced where a firearm built on an 80% lower was employed to commit a homicide. Please, correct me if I am wrong on that matter.

View the full deal over at The Bang Switch, it’s good stuff. Their site was up and down today (probably due to the popularity of the letter), so you might have to try to read it later on.

Just in case you haven’t seen the idiotic ramblings of Kevin de Leon, you can check out his press conference below. Caution: I recommend a strong drink and an extra dose of blood pressure medication to get through it (I am not a doctor, the previous advice is probably not sound medical advice).

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