Democrats Are Playing “Just The Tip” With Current Gun Control Measures

March 22 2013
by GSL Staff
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Caution this post uses sexual metaphors to make a point. There, you were warned.

If you’ve ever seen the comedy, Wedding Crashers, you’re probably familiar with the concept of “just the tip”.

If you’re not, check out the below video (note, not uploaded by us and hosted on Youtube, video is property of copyright holders).

Just the tip, just to see how it feels, right.


That’s exactly what Democrats are doing with gun control.

They’re playing just the tip, and the “tip” is universal background checks (aka de facto registration).

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is poised to unveil the Democrats gun control bill in the Senate in the coming weeks.

Central to the legislation is going to be “universal background checks”. The bill would require background checks on all transactions, including private sales between legal buyers. The paper trail created by these checks can ultimately be used as a national registry of guns and gun owners.

In the future the government could create a centralized gun registry by simply calling in all of the background check forms from gun dealers. Dealers are already required to keep these forms almost indefinitely, they can be inspected by the ATF at any time, and dealers already have to turn them in to the ATF when their business closes or changes owners.

It might not be the centralized database of all firearms and firearms owners that Democrats want, but it’s getting closer. It’s “just the tip”.

And we all know what comes after the tip right?

The shaft, and if we let this bill pass that’s exactly what gun owners will be getting.

In nearly every country that has implemented a national registration system for guns, that has been followed by either outright confiscation or involuntary surrender of certain types of weapons.

Democratic lawmakers might say they are only trying to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but their ultimate goal is an outright ban on guns. Just check out these quotes by top Democratic leaders saying they want to ultimately ban or severely reduce the ability of private citizens to own guns.

Now is the time to contact your senators. The senate will be on a break for two weeks so you may have luck contacting your senator at their office in your home state. Put together a group of local business owners, community organizers and others who feel the same as you do and try to even get a meeting with your senator. A long shot, I know, but if you have enough people they might actually listen.

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