Democratic Congresswoman Keeps Standing on the Graves of Newtown Victims

May 30 2013
by GSL Staff
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490px-MarciafudgeMarcia Fudge, Democrat, and Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, made some interesting remarks in an interview on NPR last week in regards to gun control.

Fudge basically admitted that the Democrats have been “standing on the graves” of the victims and have been trying to use them to achieve a political goal.

Nothing is sicker than using the deaths of innocent children to further your political desires in my humble opinion.

You can find the transcript of the full NPR interview on the NPR Website.

Here is the excerpt dealing with comments on children.

MARTIN: Well, that sounds like, though, you’re saying that [gun control legislation is] stuck.

FUDGE: Well, I don’t know that we’re stuck. I think that – now, I’m just going to be very, very frank with you, if I may. We had hoped that the killing of those babies in Newtown would make a difference. I’m not so sure that it has made the difference that we wanted it to make. At least people are talking about it and thinking about it. This country has already said, poll after poll after poll, they want something done about gun violence in this country.

But you have to also understand that we work within a structure, that even though our voices are heard, we are 44 of 435. Or, if you take the Senate, 535. So even though we raise our voices about the issue on a consistent basis, we still have to go through certain hoops to make something happen.

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