Editorial: DC’s Deputy Mayor Says Being Robbed and Injured Is Better Than Using Gun To Defend Yourself

March 6 2012
by GSL Staff
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DC’s deputy mayor thinks that being a victim is better than using a firearm to fight off a violent attack.

See the quote below and try to make it all the way through (it’s hard to read such talk from our elected officials, I know).

“The problem is, if you are armed, it escalates the situation. It is much better, in my opinion, to be scared, to be frightened, and even if you have to be, to be injured, but to walk away and survive. You’ll heal, and you can replace whatever was taken away.”

District of Columbia Deputy Mayor for Public Safety, Paul Quander

Mr Quander believes that it’s better to be at the mercy of a criminal than risk possible “escalation” of a situation by using a firearm for defense. In this editor’s opinion a situation is already as escalated as it can be when a lowlife points a gun at your chest and demands your belongings. Even if you comply there is no guarantee you will not be harmed.

Mr. Quander needs to realize that the people of DC want to be responsible for their own safety and they need to be able to have the means to do so.

You can find more details on this story at the link below.

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