“Dawn of Planet of the Apes” Filmmakers Deny Anti-Gun Subtext in the New Film

July 9 2014
by GSL Staff
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The new film “Dawn of Planet of the Apes” has taken some criticism for what is seen as an anti-gun plot line in the film.

When guns are introduced to the apes, it sparks a bloody war with the humans, implying that the presence of guns is responsible for the violent encounters.

However, the maker of the film shot back in a recent interview with the NY Daily News,

“If we were just going to try and Trojan-horse a gun-control message in the film, that would be a pretty narrow approach,” says Bomback, who also wrote “Live Free or Die Hard” and “Unstoppable.”

“First, the issue of gun control involves lots of complicated reasons why that is or isn’t a good idea. This film takes place in a postapocalypse in which there’s a different meaning behind guns.

“When an ape uses one in ‘Dawn,’ it’s the moment we see how ape society will ultimately evolve (in the ‘Planet of the Apes’ world) into a militaristic version of human society. The gun symbolizes human technology dedicated to violence.

“In that sense here, guns are like the serpent in Eden,” he adds.

I don’t know, that sounds fairly anti-gun to me. So the guns are the sole reason that the apes turn into a violent, militaristic society?

Dawn of Planet of the Apes opens in theaters nationwide on Friday.

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