CT Police Forensic Scientist Slams Logic of Semi Auto Rifle Ban – Says They Are Used in Less Than 2% of Crimes

February 4 2013
by GSL Staff
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Speaking to the Gun Violence Prevention Working Group, Marshall K. Robinson, the forensic scientest for the Bridgeport, CT Police Department slammed the idea of banning semi auto rifles and high capacity magazines.

Robinson said that since 1996 only 1.5% of the gun crimes he has examined were committed with rifle calibers popularly used in semi automatic rifles. Those shootings could have certainly also included bolt/lever action rifles chambered in the same calibers though.

“In your infinite wisdom, you outlawed bayonet lugs, flash hiders, and collapsible stocks,” he testified. “In over forty years of being a firearm and tool mark examiner, I have never seen these components inflict any injury whatsoever on any person. In your infinite wisdom, you outlawed fully automatic firearms that have the capability of firing a single shot. Ladies and gentlemen, I really need help with that one.”

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