CT Governor Malloy Tries to Remove Pro-Gun Board Member From State Concealed Carry Board

July 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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400px-DannelMalloyConnecticut Governor Dan Malloy (pictured) certainly isn’t making any friends among pro-gun advocates. First Malloy helped ram Connecticut’s new anti gun laws down the throats of citizens, and now it seems Malloy is trying to stack the deck to prevent more people from getting carry permits in the New England state. Sounds like Malloy is trying to become Cuomo Jr.

M. Peter Kuck is an outspoken, extremely pro-gun, and longest serving member of the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners in Connecticut. The board hears appeals from people who have been denied carry permits in the state or whose permits are revoked.

Kuck votes to overturn denials of permits more than any other member of the board. Recently, after Kuck’s pro-gun record received more publicity, the governor’s office sent a letter to the board asking them to provide the names of people to replace Kuck.

According to The Courant,

“I looked at that letter and started to laugh,” Kuck said Monday, “because I’ve been there, done that already.”

Kuck was originally appointed to the board by Gov. John G. Rowland in 1998. After M. Jodi Rell became governor, she asked the Gun Guild to provide the names of three nominees for the spot. Kuck, who is treasurer of the Guild, said the group replied that it was not obligated to identify multiple nominees, “and if she didn’t like that, we’d send up three names, and they’d be Peter Kuck, Peter Kuck and Peter Kuck.”

Kuck suspects the Guild will adopt the same stance this time around.

Gun rights advocates are up in arms over Malloy’s further moves to infringe on the Second Amendment rights of Connecticut citizens.

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