[Video] CT Cop to Gun Activist John Cinque – “I Cannot Wait To Get The Order To Kick Your Door In”

March 10 2014
by GSL Staff
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If you don’t remember John Cinque, he’s the Connecticut gun activist and Navy veteran who is credited as starting the non compliance movement in regards to Connecticut’s new registration laws.

In a video released last year (at the bottom of this article), Cinque delivered testimony to state lawmakers saying that he would not comply with any gun registration requirements. Cinque’s video went viral when it was first release and is making a second viral lap around the web in recent weeks as the situation in Connecticut continues to develop.

In a new video, Cinque is shown talking to Republican gubernatorial candidate Joe Visconti. While talking to Viconti, Cinque reveals that he has faced threats over this stance and comments.

In the video Cinque recounts a very disturbing comment allegedely made by a Branford, CT police officer. Accoring to Cinque, the officer said, “I cannot wait to get the order to kick your door in.”

The comment, we assume, is in reference to the fact that Cinque has said he will not register his firearms and the police may eventually attempt to confiscate them.

Cinque believes that anti-gun activists will not be satisfied until they’ve reached a point where gun confiscation is actually on the table. From the video,

“Anytime you hear ‘common sense gun laws’ or ‘common sense gun restrictions,’ it means ‘confiscation’ to them. That’s the only ‘common sense’ thing to the people who are spewing this out. It means confiscation in the end.”

Cinque also recounts his experiences with state lawmakers as well as his current feelings about the Republican party.

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