Criminals Find a Way: Australian Police Crack Down on “Pen Guns”

October 9 2014
by GSL Staff
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Meanwhile, in the gun control utopia of Australia, police have arrested a man they say has been supplying biker gangs with dozens of compact guns.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald,

Police have smashed a Sydney pen-gun syndicate accused of supplying miniature weapons to bikies and organised criminals.

The James Bond-inspired weapons are made to look like pens, key rings and mobile phones…

…Police will allege Shane Kemp, 27, made eight-centimetre pens with the ability to shoot bullets from common items sold at hardware stores.

So far, officers have found 14 of the guns he allegedly sold at various locations across south-western Sydney…

…FAOCS commander Detective Superintendent Mick Plotecki said the guns could kill at close range.

“They are not particularity accurate, don’t have a barrel, but if they get in close they can inflict the same wound as a .22 – so they can kill,” Superintendent Plotecki said.

While these guns are crude in nature and apparently have a 25% chance of blowing up in your hand, it illustrates how criminals will always find a way to be better armed than their potential victims.

In a country where residents can’t protect themselves, I would imagine even these pint sized guns are enough to instill fear in their victims.

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